Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Lt Ouse Idyll

Having arrived on Monday at our idyllic mooring here on the Lt Ouse we enjoyed our evening meal outdoors in the sunshine and stayed there to toast the sunset.

 The scene in the following morning as I took the dogs for their first walk

Farewell MR..

 At nine o'clock Matilda Rose slipped away up river towards Brandon.  Graham and Jill have a date with a dentist and need to be in Ely on Wednesday evening so they took the opportunity to run down to Brandon to turn the boat and get some provisions.  Joe accompanied them leaving me with Yarwood, the dogs and my own devices

Widow Twanky's laundromat..

Left alone, I did some laundry and got it out in the sunshine to dry, cleaned brass, read my book, constantly threw a ball in the river for Fletcher and Floyd to retrieve and prepared a BBQ for when MR returned.    In between all this activity I tried to get decent photographs of the Marsh Harriers that were hunting along the river margins, and the Barn Owl but to date, not very successfully...  

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