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Thursday, 7 June 2012

I think she is speeding!

My Mum has been finding it increasingly difficult to walk any distance so I have bought a mobility scooter for her.   On the first day she used it I walked alongside to ensure she was confident about going off to the local newsagents for her daily paper but since then she has been taking herself off and doing  the trip in less and less time - I think she is speeding?

 Reversing out of the garage...she was never very good at this when she drove a car and things haven't improved much

 the tight turn

 and off we go..

 the tongue between the teeth

full speed ahead..

PS.  You know I mentioned speeding...well she was back before I had loaded the photo's!!


  1. Try and walk along side her now she has her confidence, I bet you'll almost have to jog!

  2. Hi Lesley,

    I have a few Klaxons left over from Crick Show! Any use???

    Glad she is getting out OK!!

    Best wishes,

    Evelyn Booth

  3. Hi Evelyn
    We could add the Klaxons to the array of mirrors and spot lamps - a leading member of the new-age Mods!
    X Lesley

  4. You're going to hate me for this, but - 4mph limit applies on the footpath.

    1. Hi Martin
      Relax, you are not going on my 'hate list'... Mum is not exceeding the 4 mph limit we have fixed the speed to ensure she cannot do so.

  5. Aw, bless her, looks like she's enjoying it all.....
    even trying to outdo the Queen (in days gone by) by wearing her headscarf....
    Can see you are taking care of her....

    1. Hi Anon
      Yes, she rather likes her new 'go-cart' and the headscarf is because she just hates wearing a hood and the weather was inclement. As for looking after her, well you only get one Mum don't you so they're rather precious..

  6. Phew - thanks! Now I can carry on reading you with a clear conscience :)

  7. Martin I am so pleased that I have managed to scrub up your conscience for you!


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