Saturday, 12 November 2011

As work starts on the back cabin..

As work is about to start on Yarwood's back cabin next week we were whisked off to Merryhill to look at an example of a cabin built by Richard, of Daddy's Boat Company, for his boat Breaking the Ice.

Build day 75
Breaking the Ice moored at Merryhill

Sign written by Dave Moore, as Yarwood will be.

Ticket drawer and soap 'ole detail by the stove

Cupboard to the right of the rear door

Bed 'ole and cupboard

We spent time aboard Breaking the Ice measuring and working out with Richard what our requirements would be for our bed.   The back cabin on Yarwood will be our bedroom so getting the bed right is very important. 

Bulkheads between Yarwood's back cabin and the engine room in place.

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