Friday, 11 November 2011

Galley started

Build day 74-75

Work has started on the galley and after a wee 'cock-up' with the drawings (a customer cock-up..) was discovered - work restarted.   I think we lost out on any popularity votes for a few hours... 
The fridge is a tad wider than I had allowed for so the wine rack has had to be sacrificed - frankly, the wine is not there long enough to deserve the space, so no real loss.

John fixing the blockwood supports for the port side of the galley

John, still fixing...
Stuart and John dealing with 'customers'....aargh
Galley starboard side

Starboard side, from the left, hole for fridge, followed by hole for sink and bin, followed by hole for DISHWASHER, followed by hole for cooker.


  1. Are you going to have them put a vent in the floor under the fridge to improve air flow?

    Brian on Harnser

  2. Hi Brian
    We are going to vent through both sides and to the rear of the fridge.


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