Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Build day 71

Today the lining-out was completed and work started on the internal bulkheads.  There will be a bulkhead between the back cabin and the engine room, another between the engine room and the shower room,  a third between the shower room and the 4' of storage area and finally another between the storage area and the galley.

These bulkheads denote the end of the galley and the start of the storage cupboards.

Three of the storage bulkheads up

John is scribing the template for the last of the storage bulkheads

A manly discussion, l-r John, Terry and Joe - this is the back cabin...by the way


  1. Seems to come on really rapidly at this stage doesn't it?
    Pip & Rog

  2. Hi Pip & Rog
    You are right. After the wait for the wiring loom it is all systems go again which is really encouraging.
    X Lesley


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