Friday, 25 November 2011

Spare beds and things...

Build Day 90
We went into Kidderminster today to buy a small TV that is going to be fitted in the back cabin.  Richard who is building the back cabin needed to know the dimensions in order to work out where 'to stick it'.    The wiring loom included provision to set a TV in the back cabin and we thought that it would give either of us somewhere to go when our viewing choice is not to the other's taste.

ESSENTIALS C16LDVB11 16" HD Ready LED TV with Built-in DVD player
Image care of the Curry's website, thank you Curry's

Primed back cabin cupboard doors

When we arrived at the Barnowl workshop today Stuart and Richard had gone off to London to deliver a widebeam boat that they have just completed.  I think they were following the lowloader down the M1 to assist with the launch.  That left Jack, Richard's son, rubbing down and priming the back cabin, John constructing a cupboard for the folding bed and Pete fitting the breather and connections for the main diesel tank.

Framing for the folding bed cupboard

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