Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Taking shape

Build day 77

Richard Hubery of Daddy's Boat Company has been busy building Yarwood's back cabin

Richard had progressed the back cabin.  The side bed/seat has been built including the internal structure for accommodating two decent sized drawers under the seat.  The apertures for the drawers are just in front of where Richard is standing.  Given that Yarwood is being built as liveaboard boat  every option for easy access and, not so easy access, is factored in.

Richard has built a hatch into the side bed/seat base - yet more storage options

This cupboard will provide access to the toilet cassette, storage for extra toilet cassettes and a made to measure home for the vacuum cleaner and assorted cleaning stuffssss

Progress in the galley - shelves fitted in the full height cupboard

The profile for the side steps. 

The side steps which are immediately adjacent to the galley are going to be a set of drawers, three steps, three drawers, a galley annex almost....


  1. How are the bulkheads fastened to the ceiling and floors? I don't see any cleats, but I do see what appear to be holes bored at a shallow angle near the edges for screws... is that right?

    s/v Eolian

  2. The build seems to in the stage where things happen really quickly. Progress looks good.

  3. Hi Bob
    You are quite right. They use a jig that ensures that the drill holes are all the same, long and shallow.

  4. Adam, my good Sir,
    Progress is indeed very satisfying. There are a lot of hands on board at present as Stuart is keen to catch up some time lost. He is still looking to launch in Jan...depending on weather conditions of course.
    Good to hear from you
    take care


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