Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Detail, detail

Build day 72-73

When I got back from walking the dogs this morning Joe was busy finalising the drawings for the galley layout - Stuart had phoned to say he needed them as work on the galley was about to start!  Half an hour later we were in the car and headed for the Barnowl workshop.   The next hour was spent with tape measures and straight edges and hastily produced templates, working out how this would impact on that..
Having sorted the port side of the galley layout we were to return later with the critical measurements for TV installation - size of TV, size of the satellite receiver and PVR (personal video recorder) because this would affect the starboard side of the galley layout --- all will become clear later...I hope.

John starting on the galley

In the background, the bulkhead between the engine room and the shower room.

With the galley sorted for now, we then moved on to the detail of the shower room.  Where do we put the heated towel rail that we want?  It was back to tape measures and straight edges to work out the realities of making the best use of the space available.  
There is nothing quite like planning in the real environment is there?
That done we left the team working out how to get a door to open over an engine bolt....!

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