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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Bye bye City, bye, bye

Yesterday we took our leave of Birmingham servicing Yarwood at the BW facilities opposite The Cube before moving out.  Instead of walking the dogs along the towpath towards Kings Norton I stayed confined to the boat while we continued to 'experiment' with the washing machine/generator mix.

Yarwood moored in front of The Cube taking on fresh water
Fletcher lends a helping paw to this laundry stuff
Whilst Floyd guards the towpath outside the boat
Yarwood approaching Norton Junction where we will turn off of the  Worcester and Birmingham canal on to the Nth. Stratford canal.
The start of the North Stratford canal
Negotiating the stop lock with its historic guillotine gates
Yes, I am still on board playing with washing machines and tumble dryers and taking photo's through the front hatch doors as we approach Brandwood tunnel

I managed to get myself and the dogs off of the boat as we got past the tunnel so we could get some exercise.  Passing under a high bridge, a youth  hanging over the parapet starting barking at the dogs, I just nodded a greeting and carried on through but Joe was less fortunate...
Joe found himself the target of some cretinous youth's anti-social behaviour, the spitting of  phlegm at passing boats. 
What possesses someone to act in that fashion?
I suppose it is better than bricks and bottles...
but doesn't it make you want to administer a fatal beating to the obnoxious little tyke?
A newly layered hedge as we get into the countryside

Passing through the lift bridge at Shirley
Off went the boat with me 'ome packed init, I followed on with my two Labs

A finally, moored up for the night. 


  1. Hi Both
    Glad to see that you are enjoying Yarwood. I crossed over the Drawbridge at Shirley today on my way to and from golf. Must have just missed you as I usually get held up there for a boat but never mind as I like to see who it is.
    Tell the boys that Tucker has failed as a Guide dog and has Joined the Police as a sniffer dog.
    Bob NB Autumn Myst

    1. Hi Bob
      I told all three boys about Tucker; the Police are lucky to have him.
      We were just wondering how to get another Labrador sized bed jammed in the saloon in case he needs a home...he is so lovely!
      take care, happy boating

  2. Me and Joe will hold him whist you do the fatal beating, no problem.
    Oh that might just put me in the frame for Frank's death from Corrie....

    1. I won't tell on you Lisa.

      Is the new boat nearly ready?

  3. I cant think of anything worse than being gobbed on! I will have to really try hard not to over react if and when it happens to us. I presume it is an offence, would taking a photograph of the little bastards and calling the cops work? Or is it better to put on a hat on and carry on?
    I really do like the idea of the fatal beating, or at least beat his privates to a pulp so it cant breed!

    1. Oh Paul you are just so namby pamby and liberal..

      I must say that this is the very first incident of this we have encountered. It is illegal and a camera pointed at them would help but I doubt the Police would do much about 'spitting' - brick hurling maybe..

  4. There were reports of kids hurling bricks at that point last year - the trouble is that once they start getting away with it these places soon become hot-spots.

    We've had very little trouble when you think of the miles that we've cruised, but I find that the red mist comes down - whether it's a can, a stone or saliva!

    Do report it to BW (or whatever it is) and the police, Lesley, even if you're unlikely to get justice - if the authorities don't know then they can justify taking no action.

    Glad you're all ok though and no harm done (other than to you temper!).

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  5. We had a brick lobbed at us coming through a short tunnel just outside Brum. It hit the boat not me but if it had hit me it would have done a lot of damage. I think a loaded water pistol with indelible dye in it would be a handy weapon that surely one would not get prosecuted for.


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