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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Down sizing - from Great to Little

Monday morning when most of the expected weather front had passed, the dogs had been walked including Meg and Penny Pup, we said our farewells to Vic and pulled pins.  We were heading up the River Great Ouse on to the River Little Ouse where we were going to visit The Little Ouse Moorings and get diesel, water, gas etc.   Matilda Rose lead the way but the wet weather was not quite finished with us and it wasn't until we turned left on the Lt. Ouse that the rain abated.

 MR leading us under the railway bridge that carries the Ely to Kings Lynn line

 And yet more rain!

 Turning on to the Little Ouse

 We breasted up by the diesel pump at the Little Ouse Moorings and waited for Nb. Matilda Rose to take on diesel, water and gas and when MR was finished they slipped away and we pulled Yarwood into the pump staging.   A very reasonable 90p a litre for diesel, self declare, and £25.42 for 13kg of gas.  Lovely people and they will get our custom again.

 After servicing Yarwood the sunshine broke through and the cruise up the Little Ouse was just lovely, what a gem this river is!  I took the helm for an hour or so while Himself sat on the tug deck and enjoyed the views... the service from the crew was not up to scratch however, no cuppa for me on the back!

 Pretty enough?

 There in the distance we spot Matilda Rose moored up

 I toot on the horn gets the MR crew out of their seats to help us moor

And there we are, gang planks out and chairs to the ready


  1. 71.9 at Norbury Jnctn. Any declaration and FAME free.

  2. Did you pass the old steam tug, Turmoil, moored on the Little Ouse, just beyond Little Ouse Moorings, or has she sunk again...?
    Cheers, Gordon on Ouse Who (we passed you tonight whilst you were moored in Ely, on our way to Littleport for an Indian meal and to escape the football)

  3. Hi Gordon
    I saw you! If the little steam tug is rust coloured we did pass it and it is still afloat you will be pleased to know..


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