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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Drove walking and beer tasting

Here we are in lovely Ely, strapped against Nb Matilda Rose's (MR) flanks and therefore not taking up valuable mooring space.   MR has broken down is awaiting either a new starter motor or a solenoid or something... both items seem to come with an exhorbitant price tag in the 'Vetus' brand!
 We met  Brian and Diana from Nb. Harnser on Saturday and enjoyed a beer and chat and now
Sue and Vic of Nb No Problem are with us as they are currently unable to get back on to the middle levels to start their planned journey south and we have been taking advantage of the situation; long walks with five dogs out across the droves around Ely.

 Walking the droves

 Sue, Baxter and Jill getting in the way of me taking photo's of  picherscoo flowers

L-R Vic, Me, Graham, Sue and Jill - Enjoying a pint in The Cutter Ely.

PS.  One small thing to report..
The water is mighty deep in places along the river front at Ely
I know..
I fell in between the boats on Saturday and my feet never made the bottom and it seemed to take forever to kick up to the surface!

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  1. My heavens, it's the soap opera of the fens - a broken engine, you falling in - what dramas!

    Hope that you're all ok and that MR can be fixed soon.

    Regards to all

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream


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