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Monday, 11 June 2012

Fenland Fest!!

Some mornings are just so glorious and yesterday was perfick..

We pulled out of our berth at Bill Fen Marina just after half eight and headed off towards our rendezvous with the crew of Matilda Rose who were awaiting us in March.  I sat on Yarwood's tug deck like Lady Muck and took photographs.

So what follows is a bit of a fenland fest to feast your eyes upon!

 Leaving Bill Fen and its crystal clear waters

 Tea shirt and sunglasses weather as we head up High Lode to join the Forty Foot Drain

 Passing Lodes End lock
 Clear water - we even watched a grebe swimming under water but I needed a polarising lens filter to get a decent shot and needless to  say, I didn't have one to hand..

 Swans leading the way


 And what's this? 
The dot on the roof of the shed is a Barn Owl
 Sun hats now in evidence

 Coming into Benwick

 Halfpenny toll bridge Benwick

 Being watched as we pass beneath the bridge and take a sharp left hander

 I think we have met before.. the pen with her seven cygnets

 Wow...wish you were here?

 White Fen Farm bridge and all those lovely reflections

 Passing Floods Ferry we spy fellow bloggers Diane and Brian's boat, Nb. Harnser on her mooring

 Yarwood overtaking

 This is the very new, very long, very PRIVATE Middle Level Commissioners mooring
.... occupied by a tiny reed cutter and sorry, but given the dearth of moorings on the 100 miles of navigation this seems a bit indulgent!..rant over.

Yarwood moored up with Nb Matilda Rose behind.  We were shortly joined by Nb Athemis who breasted up alongside us.


  1. Forgot to mention in my earlier post, the sanny station at March will be re-opening following a change of heart by the council. Mind you, they have got to repair it first....
    There is waste disposal available at Fox's Marina in March and Flood's Ferry, but there will be a fee for these.

  2. Well that's excellent news Mike,where did you hear this?

  3. March is open for refuse and water. It will be the New Year before the card opperated pump out is up and running.

    Thats the first photo we have seen of our boat on its moorings.

    1. Help yourself to the photo of Harnser if you wish Brian.

      I am pleased that March facilities are having reprieve - was this due to IWA lobbying?

  4. Well after all those days of waiting for the waters to drop you seem to be making up for lost time. The current trip looks great and the waters so clear. Have fun and keep an eye open for more Barn Owls. Fingers crossed for more good weather very soon

    1. Thank you David. I have spotted a number of hares this morning so I am going to see if I might be lucky and get some photo's.


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