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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Shuffling cars

Yesterday morning I left Mum's at 6am, picked up my niece Anna at the end of the road and gave her a lift to the local train station before punching in Denver Sluice in the sat-nav and setting off for Norfolk.  I made excellent progress and arrived shortly after half seven.  I was meeting Graham of Nb. Matilda Rose (MR) to do a car shuffle.  He was leaving his wheels at Denver in anticipation of us getting there in the boats early next week.  While at Denver sluice we  both have a look at the large sand bank that has been deposited in front of the lock by recent flood conditions.  This is going to make access to the lock very tricky on Tuesday...
Anyway, car parked up I gave Graham a lift back to March and Matilda Rose and I set off again to Ramsey and two VERY excited dogs and a somewhat less excited husband - I know, difficult to understand the contrast but there you go.
Our car has now been returned to storage until we need it again and today we are pulling out of Bill Fen Marina and heading for March to rejoin the MR crew

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  1. Glad you went for a look, both the boat I watched and the one that Sue watched cut it a bit close coming across the bank.


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