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Wednesday 21 November 2012

City living...Cambridge

We moved off towards Cambridge on Monday.  Enjoying rather agreeable weather  Jill and I decided to walk to Baits Bite lock with the four dogs and meet the two boats there.  However we had arrived at the lock some half an hour ahead of the boats so after a quick phone call to check, we left Graham and Joe to work the lock between them and we continued our walk into Cambridge.   We moored up on Midsummer Common immediately in front of fellow bloggers James and Amy's narrowboat, Lucky Duck.
Joe and I wandered up into town to pick up our forwarded mail from the Post Office (Post Restante service) and have a wee wander before calling it a day and settling in front of the fire aboard Yarwood.
Tuesday we were awake before cock-crow as the dedicated rowers of Cambridge were up and at it before first light...
and wanted everyone else to know!! 
With dog walking duties fulfilled in the morning the afternoon was spent going to the cinema to see the latest Bond film, Skyfall.  Joe, Graham and I went ( Jill giving it a miss) and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  In the evening we all joined Amy and James and went to the local pub for a drink where we were roped into a quiz night.  Much hilarity ensued and we ended the evening coming a creditable second and having a jolly good crack.


  1. Haven't seen Skyfall, not being much of a Bond fan, but did read Giles Coren's interesting review. As you've seen it, see what you think: http://reciperifle.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/bond-villain.html
    (For anyone else thinking of reading it who hasn't seen the film, it does contain spoilers)


    1. Hi Abby
      We read Coren's limited review and the comments of its readers. Our view; it's a BOND film for goodness sake!!

      Car chases, car crashes, fights, shoot outs and ridiculous stunts. If we wanted to see a meaningful, thought provoking film it wouldn't be a Bond movie.
      X Lesley


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