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Wednesday 28 November 2012

Doc search

It has been a bit of a domestic day today, I baked a banana and walnut cake and cooked a roast with oodles of fresh vegetables for lunch, a late lunch that is after a pint at The Bridge at Clayhithe. 

Between the rain showers the dogs have been walked a couple of times and then Himself and I both turned the boat upside down searching for vehicle documents; we need to tax our car and get it back on the road ahead of the Christmas visit to family in Essex.   We have ended up downloading the insurance and printing a new copy of the certificate because the DVLA site says we need to produce the documents - of course when we present all this paperwork at the Post Office counter tomorrow the clerk will inform us that they don't need it because they are linked to the DVLA server which will confirm MOT and insurance status!

Still, the printer got a dust down....

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  1. Not surprised....unlikely for the DVLA AND the Post Office to be really joined-up..


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