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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Zomerland coming to grief

Dutch barge (Tjalk) Zomerland came to grief last night slipping her moorings - or having her mooring slipped by some miscreant, who knows -  above Jesus Lock in Cambridge and finding herself held against the weir barrage by the strong stream.

 When I came past a couple of boaters were valiantly trying to get a line to the bank and haul her to safety.

It was a VERY lively night with Himself getting up twice during the dark hours to secure something clattering on Yarwood's cabin top and then to check our lines.  The wind has lessened a bit today but the river levels are up though not on strong stream warning as yet.


  1. Luck the weir barrage saved the barge.

    You both stay safe and warm there. xxx

    1. Hi Jo
      The barge rescuers were a bit concerned about the barrage holding but were reluctant to notify the Cam Conservators (The river authority on the R. Cam). Still they did recover Zomerland and returned her to her mooring.
      We are fine thanks and hope you are too..

  2. Hello there.
    My name is Jan Spiekman (Netherlands).
    The Zomerland was in our family for many years, and we used it for holidays on the Dutch waters, My father,who was a shipbuilder, rebuilded her into a holiday-ship. I have a lot of old memory's left to share with the owner.
    If he's interested he can mail me. jan@famspiekman.nl.
    Kind regards, Jan Spiekman


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