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Thursday 15 November 2012

Oooos and Arrrrrs in Ely

We went to Specsavers in Ely and got our tickets for the Ely firework spectacle last Saturday where we joined the thousands that had gathered to watch the display in the Cathedral grounds.   Though late starting, because the organisers were delaying the start in order to allow latecomers in, once it got going the pyrotechnic extravaganza was a credit to the organisers and the city of Ely.


And Wow again..
After the fireworks we just managed to blag a table for four in a local curry house; all those extra visitors were busy filling up the restaurants of Ely who were doing a roaring trade.


  1. Fantastic photos, though jellyboy Ty thinks they're quite horrible!

    Hope you're all well and enjoying Fenland life..

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  2. Oh welcome back, you have been missed.

  3. Great photos Lesley, fireworks are difficult to photograph fireworks well!


  4. Ahh there you are! broken cover at last. Hope you had a good holiday. Look out for stalkers!


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