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Friday 30 December 2011

Back from Christmas stuff

Build day 113

We headed back from Norfolk and all the Christmas visiting we have been doing this year, Essex, Norfolk, Lincolnshire and Norfolk again, and stopped off at the Barnowl workshop for a view of our Yarwood...
Dave Moore, Master Signwriter, had been busy doing his thing and now Yarwood was boasting a prominent 'Monica'.or moniker.

The back cabin had been scumbled

 and was just drying off in readiness for the coats of varnish and 'Roses and Castles' decoration.

 The white goods had been fitted, here the washing machine and tumble dryer in situ under the tug deck.
 and here the fridge, dishwasher and cooker in the galley.
In the shower room, the red glass basin and chrome pillar tap

When we arrived the Barnowl  team were just running up the central heating, bleeding the radiators and checking the sinks for leaks etc.


  1. Who's Monica? The only one that springs to mind is Lewinsky and she could be described as prominent...
    Or did you mean moniker...

    Abby x

  2. Thanks Geoff. The launch is getting very close now though where and when are still ponderables. The next two weeks are going to see some frantic activity me thinks...


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