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Thursday 8 December 2011



I am now in charge as herself has gone off to tend to the sick (see Caxton blog). Now visualise, if you can, standing naked in the shower, with nurse Ratched waiting outside holding the bogbrush and a bottle of Dettol ready to do your nibbly bits. This is what it will be like for our friend former friend Val.

I scuttled off back to the boat on Wednesday and stopped off to check on progress with Yarwood. Not much changed just more sawdust (might buy Stuart a feather duster for Xmas). I took a couple of photies just to keep the peace.

Terry finished sanding the bullnose on the shelf over the cupboards and TV cabinet.

Stuart plonked the basin on the wash stand so we could agree the placing of basin and tap. Should a certain Andy read this I can confirm it will take a whole packet of Coco Pops.

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  1. It'll take more than a feather duster! Perhaps the answer is Nurse Ratchet, a feather duster and a Henry aand he'll say thank you!


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