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Tuesday 13 December 2011

Cross the canary with the mustard..and

Build day 102
I' m back from my nursing duties in Lincolnshire and have re-taken the helm of the Yarwood blog.  Himself has been doing a super job in keeping things ticking over but he doesn't want to continue so it's back to me..

So where are we today?
Lots of canary cross mustard paint has been applied to the back cabin and the doors/drawers of the back cabin.  This disgusting primer is the base coat for the scumbling that will cover it.

 'Yellowed' back door liners
 More 'yellowed' drawers and soap 'ole bits
 The table cupboard and bed 'ole in yet more yellow primer
Starting the framing under the tug deck - this space will house the washing machine and the tumble dryer and a cupboard with controls for the genny and the central heating.


  1. Until I actually read your blog I thought 'That's it - being land-locked had finally driven Lesley totally insane' then I discovered that the vile yellow paint is only the primer for the scumbling. Thank goodness for that!! xxx

  2. Hi Pip
    No, I am only partway to insanity...
    so far...
    XX Lesley


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