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Thursday, 22 December 2011


Went up to do the daily photo session as decreed by Erin Doors.   Peter had put in oil, antifreeze etc. and bled the cooling system in preparation for partly filling the fuel tank and running up the engine. As I was not going to be about for a few days he took pity on me and we started up the engine on whatever was left over from the Beta bench test.
Simple things for simple minds etc.  The consensus was it was a bit quiet and perhaps the silencer might have to be replaced by a bit of pipe!
Onto more mundane matters.

The doors leading into/out of the khazi (carsey to some) have been fitted.


The porthole liners have arrived, including tiny ones for the bulls eyes.

And last but certainly not least, Mr Moore has been doing what he does best, transforming a boring patch of paintwork into something far more interesting.    Dave had gone by the time I arrived so I cannot say how he intends to finish the Yarwood text.


  1. I to changed mine to a straight pipe when started up it sounded like a Sherman tank and was so loud I had the silencer put back in its now a nice CHUG and with no filter has a distinctive GRUNT lovely regards Paul

  2. I will sleep better knowing that you have doors on your khazi, I was a bit worried about that - especially if you breasted up to us. Get rid of the silencer and see what Erin Doors sez! xx

  3. Hi Paul. I agree it is a bit too loud without a silencer having heard the one Beta drag around the IWA etc. but it does attract the crowds I suppose.

    As there was no fuel we only ran it for a minute or so but noticed that it ran at 800 RPM with the throttle closed (no cable attached so it was definately closed). which is higher than expected so a bit of fettling might be in order, or the tacho is reading high.

    Have you binned all the plastic air filter then?


  4. tick over should be 450rpm and yes the fiter housing has been binned I now have a inlet stack not a stock item made it up myself also on the main loome at the engine end roll back the two plastic sheaths that cover the multi pin plug and insert a ty rap around the plug this stops heart stoppage when it come apart when under way


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