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Thursday 15 December 2011

Bringing back the Press Gang

Build day 103
Joe was 'pressed' into service yesterday along with Richard's number one son, Jack. 
While Jack was adding  a second coat of the yellow primer to the back cabin Joe was out in the cold painting the stern bands and the bow flair and starting the blacking.  I was sorting out Lloyds Bank, but that is a story for the Caxton blog....

 Jack in Yellowville - the electrodes in his ears are not part of a  torture programme but his Ipod - mind you, the music might be torturous for the rest of the workers if they could hear it..
 The calorifier is now plumbed in
This was the start of play on Tuesday, in the saloon looking forward at what will be the home of the washing machine and tumble dryer and....
 work station!  Richard has been busy creating a home-cum-workstation for my laptop and printer. 

The bottom shelve is a slide as well, this is where the printer will live.  The top slide will be a 'desk' for the laptop.

Sorry about the pic, the flash was turned off and so Joe's handiwork is a bit too discreet..

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