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Monday 12 December 2011

Did you know there is a website listing hard to fit appliances?

BUILD DAY 101  (in ROOM 101 at the Ministry of Love)

"Did you know there is a website listing hard to fit appliances?"  asks Richard.
"No" says I.  Thinking he was going to get into bondage or something weird for Xmas.
"Well the washing machine and tumble dryer you have chosen is at the top of the list."says Richard.
The penny dropped and in a flash I new how to placate him. So I shrugged my shoulders and said;
"It's not my fault."
 I have been using this phrase from an early age and this time it was actually true. The white goods fairy wanted energy efficiency and large load machines are energy efficient - but large. A bit rejigging and all was sorted.

Portholes are all in place. Stainless screws are used as the thread size is a bit too small for brass screws which would probably shear before the frames were pulled tight.

Not sure what happened here - looks like someone sneezed on the lens. As it is the only one I took it will have to do. This will be a cupboard in the engine room. The grey plastic box is the header tank for the central heating. Below this is the back of the Kindle shrine (aka my bedside cabinet).


  1. Nobody sneezed on the lens, its the flash picking up the dust particles !

  2. Thanks Alf.

    It's obvious when someone points it out.


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