Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A Stay in Crick

We travelled on Monday morning from our overnight mooring above the Watford Flight (and beside the M1 Motorway...) all of two miles into Crick.   When we moored we were met by a couple who had been awaiting our arrival and were eager to say hello.  We had never met before but they were owners of another Barn Owl boat, ( Yarwood's boat fitter) and the Crick Boat Show winner, Nb. Oakapple.   Richard and Sharon came aboard Yarwood for a cup of tea where Lisa and David joined us and the next day we were all invited to join them for coffee and a tour of Oakapple.   I was very remiss in not capturing a photo of Sharon and Richard but I did get one of their lovely boat.

 Yarwood moored with What a lark behind us
 Nb Oakapple, Barn Owl boat No. 12. 65' trad with a boatman's cabin and a Gardner engine.
 David, Lisa and Joe..
Enjoying a pint/mulled wine and taking advantage of the free wifi at the Red Lion as the signal on the boats was non existent.

Monday lunchtime we strolled up into Crick village to have a pint and get some groceries from the local Co-op before I went off with the dogs looking for another boat and fellow bloggers, Angela and Jon of Nb. Ellen who have a winter mooring in Crick Marina.  I found Angela out walking Lola their nine month old spaniel pup and arranged to meet for a drink on Tuesday evening.

 Nb Oakapple and Nb Yarwood, both Lambon shells and both Barn Owl fit outs 

 L-R   David, Joe, Lisa, Jon and Angela enjoying a drink together at the Red Lion.

 And Lola came too seen here with Floyd and Jon
We had a lovely evening getting to know each other and didn't leave the Red Lion until 11.15, so much talking going on the the time just flew.  

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