Monday, 7 October 2013

Weekend in the sun at Stoke Golding

On Friday we left Market Bosworth and heading south towards Stoke Golding where we planned to spend the weekend.  It was a fast day again so once moored up and 'lunched' I headed off to Hinckley on my bike; the need to keep occupied and to find a decent super market taking joint priority.   Hinckley turned out to be a nine mile round trip!  I had a wander around the town which was not particularly memorable and on the way back I found THE Morrison's store where I picked up a few bits and pieces. 
 Settled for the weekend

Come Saturday morning I took my rucksack and the dogs and initially walked up into Stoke Golding to get a newspaper - the village shop being closed, the newsagent from a neighbouring village sells papers from the back of their car in the car park of the Liberal Club.  With my paper safely tucked in my rucksack I then went back to the canal and wandered along the towpath to bridge 23 to visit the Spinneybank Farm Shop where I stocked up on a range of very fresh seasonal vegetables, free range eggs and a little meat.  This shop is very, very good and the produce is always fresh.
In the afternoon Joe and I caught the 86 bus from Stoke Golding to Hinckley, getting off at Morrison's where I shopped, again, and Joe went to the local Halfords to buy oil for an oil change on the genny and a repair kit for my bike...
a puncture no less. 

The hold has been emptied, the genny casing/cocoon has been removed and Joe is changing oil and  anti freeze in preparation for winter.  The genny hours are now up to 1325 whereas the main engine hours are only 558 so you can see what does most of the work.
Come Sunday I left Joe to the oil change and went off with the dogs to have a look at Bosworth Field, the site of the final battle in 1485 in the Wars of The Roses. Here our last Plantagenet King was slain and the Tudor dynasty, the victors of the battle, started their rule which was to last for the next 118 years.

Looking across the battlefield towards Market Bosworth..
St. Peter's church on the hill dead ahead
 Richard III's standard

A sundial installation commemorating the battle and the lordly participants

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