Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Sutton Stop to Newbold

By 8.20 this morning we were moored on the water point at Sutton stop, topping up the fresh water supplies and servicing the boat.  Joe had already been out with the dogs for their early morning 'comfort break' and then gone to the local shop for a fresh loaf and a newspaper ahead of breakfast.

 In the stop lock at Sutton stop
By 9.20 we had finished servicing and passed through the stop lock on to the North Oxford canal.

 Towpath repairs in progress
Shortly before Ansty I came across a C&RT team repairing the tow path.

There was one work boat equipped with stabilisers, a flat and it's propulsion unit. The propulsion vessel had just gone haring up the canal towards Ansty as I arrived on the scene.

 Yarwood inching past the work crew and their vessels
 There is one rule for us and another for 'them' it seems..what a bow wave. 
Propulsion unit Goldeneye driven by a 'white-van-man' as he hares back to the work site.  He didn't come off the 'gas' at all as he approached and passed Yarwood.

 A Fungi with a velvet like skin. Any ideas?
 Passing under the M6
 Skirting All Oak Wood after Stretton Stop.  This length of towpath is mightily improved since my last trip along here.
 Yarwood passing Boat Inn Cottage
 Falls Bridge
 Newbold Tunnel with only three of the coloured lights now operating...you would think that someone would have budgeted for bulbs when these lights were installed in 2005 surely?

 This is for you Maffi --no wasted space here, shared mooring rings AND touching buttons
Moored at Newbold, 11.8 miles walked by the dogs and myself today!

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