Sunday, 6 October 2013

Market Bosworth

The town of Market Bosworth is 3/4 mile from the visitor moorings on the Ashby Canal.  Having  arrived on Wednesday we decided to stay another night; the noise from the construction of the new marina immediately adjacent to the visitor moorings wasn't too bad, the weather wasn't too good so another nights stay seemed quite acceptable.  So on Thursday morning Joe took himself off to town, the conventional route, up the road/hill into Market Bosworth to get groceries and a hair cut. the result of Joe's trip,  Groceries 1: Haircut 0.
I, having completed a number of chores, took the dogs for a walk also into town but via Public Footpaths which are far more interesting, especially for dogs.  The bonus of being in Leicestershire, apart from the glorious countryside, is that the County Council seem to have adopted a proactive stance on the public footpath network in their jurisdiction.  Footpaths are well marked and signposted as evidenced by the photograph below.  Instead of weathered wooden posts discreetly hidden in a hedge you get a post with a bright splash of vivid yellow paint that you can see from half a mile away which means finding you way across field and wood is easy and therefore the paths get used!

 The blessing of walking in Leicestershire is that the County Council mark all of their PF's (public footpaths) with distinctly painted way posts.
Once up in the Town I had a wander about and pointed the camera at this and that before returning to the boat and spending the afternoon sewing up a jumper I had knitted for Joe.  I find the knitting relaxing but the 'bolting it together bit' is too tiresome so I now had three completed jumpers all waiting for me to get my a*** into gear and finish them. Joe thinks he is getting a Christmas jumper...and maybe he is, but will it be 2113 or 2114?

St. Peter's Market Bosworth
The old police station Market Bosworth
The Old Police House
Town Water was
Timber framed and thatched cottages
The Inn that Richard III, our last Plantagenet king, stayed in prior to the fateful battle the next day with Henry Tudor.

Town Square
Town square again

Dixie Grammar School established 1603
Heading back across field and farrow towards the boat...well marked route, well guarded by the sitting/standing tenant!

Crossing the Battlefield Line
The bridge over the railway line, the canal just in front of us

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