Friday, 18 October 2013

Friday in Braunston

We are moored here in Braunston awaiting the arrival tomorrow of Nb. What a Lark with friends Lisa and David aboard.  Added to their company over the coming weekend we have our favourite stalkers David and Amanda joining us from Norfolk, in their case, by car.  The table is booked at the Admiral Nelson for our celebratory meal, meeting friends and our 5th anniversary living on a narrowboat so today was more mundane matters; Joe to investigate and FIX a problem with the water pump and me to clean a bit of brass and walk the dogs etc.

 First job was the fitting of a fender to protect Yarwood's stem. This is not exactly what we wanted/required  but it was what was available so it will do for now.

This morning after helping Joe to unload the contents of the hold so he could deal with a water pump that kept intermittently cycling I set off to walk the boys. I had planned to do a circular walk that would take me 2-3 hours to complete.
 The weather was very different to yesterday's bright crisp start, today early morning fog was slow to clear.

 At the bottom of this hill I knew I would be entering a field that quite possibly would have herd of young cattle in residence.  They are always VERY interested in 'woman and DOGS' walking through their field.  I usually put the dogs on leads and quietly, slowly, walk the dogs through as this attract less attention.  I had spotted most of the herd up on top of the hill so didn't expect any at the bottom but when I went through the gate  there was a group standing around a cistern in the corner of the field.  Looking a bit closer however I saw that one calf was apparently in trouble - in fact that calf sadly was dead, it had drowned in the cistern.   I retraced my steps looking for the Farmer, waving my arms manically and blowing the dog whistle to attract his attention to tell him what I had found. Having passed on this sorry news I then altered my route and walked through the farm yard to pick up another Public Footpath. 

 These youngsters, on deep litter in their bier were very curious as we passed them
 Heading across the top of Braunston Tunnel back into the village you can see the spire of Braunston Church in the distance.

 Dropping back down on to the towpath close to the tunnel entrance we came across a much needed repair to the path surface.  Here water flowing down from the higher ground always created a quagmire along this stretch.

 Fixed.. for now anyway
 Walking back down along the flight of locks things were quite busy but I spotted this little beauty sitting outside Braunston Boats.
I got back to find that Joe was still dealing with our errant pump..£60 later things seem to have been resolved...we hope.


  1. Living on a boat! There's always SOMETHING/S needing to be fixed isn't there? Causes me lots of frustration! Looking forward to seeing you all when you come through Crick. xxoo

  2. Hi Angela
    Expect us today - Monday, pint in Pub?


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