Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Au revoir Ashby

Tuesday morning we took our leave of the Ashby-de-la-Zouch canal.  We have spent 18 days on the navigable 22 miles of the Ashby canal and we had thoroughly enjoyed our time here.   Being blessed with wonderful autumnal weather has embellished the experience and meeting up with Brian and Ghost on Nb. Kyle was a pleasant surprise.

Leaving our mooring at Burton Hastings
I gave a wave to Fred and Lisa, fellow bloggers on NB Chyandour, who were moored just around the corner from our overnight mooring.

The dogs and I are standing on the turn-over bridge at Marston Junction, the junction of the Ashby and the Coventry canals, watching Joe bring Yarwood along the final few yards of the Ashby Canal

Fletcher posing
Floyd, not posing

Waiting for their Dad. They can hear the engine of the boat beneath the bridge
That's it, Yarwood back on the Coventry canal
Passing working boat Calisto...I think in a new livery?
Yarwood and Calisto pass each other...Lovely shaped stern on Calisto

Butty, Olive in London, Midland Scottish (LMS) livery
We moored on the seven day moorings at Hawkesbury Junction, something that is now possible to do because the long term  'overstayers' have been persuaded to move off by an Enforcement Officer that does his job, well done Glyn.  Once moored we took the accumulated rubbish down to the service point at the Greyhound and went for a pint...rude not to really.

Joe at the bar, dogs under the table and lunch on its way, how civilised.
Well they were under the table, but then the pork scratchings arrived...
The Greyhound Hawkesbury Junction


  1. My favourite pub on the system, I just LOVE people watching oh and the food is good too.

    1. The Greyhound is a real pub. We were there for lunch on Tuesday and the place as buzzing. I still like the Admiral Nelson at Braunston though..
      X Lesley

  2. Totally agree with you about Glyn, we wintered in his patch last year and he was brilliant. He had no problem in shifting people on. Wouldn't need silly 48hr rules if they employed and remunerated a few more like him!

    1. Hi James & Debbie
      Many will think that Glyn is a 'jobs worth' but someone that does his job without fear or favour is worth their weight in gold and Glyn ticks that box in my view.

  3. Lovely pictures Lesley. Thanks & wags.


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