Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Making our way back...slowly

Yesterday after walking the dogs we decided to walk back along the towpath towards Snarestone and have lunch in The Globe Inn.  I thought I might ask the landlord/landlady if they would permit me to use their address/car park for a Tesco delivery.  They readily agreed and gave me their postcode. Back at the boat later in the day I set about ordering provisions as if I was taking a Battalion on campaign. After an hour of  data input I tried to arrange the delivery only to find that the postcode was not recognised... When we tracked down the correct postcode I found that the address was blocked by Tesco and I needed to call them on an 0845 number. 
I called.
I called thinking that perhaps I would be given a code or something that would allow the delivery.  I got,  'We can't deliver, we don't know the car park, it might not be secure, sorry.'

(Don't know the car park? What is not secure? Sounds like a load of baloney and probably is a load of baloney.)

I said, 'OK, I am not going to argue the toss but I have in fact had a number of deliveries at pub addresses so I didn't understand the problem here.' and ended the call.

Has anyone else had this kind of issue before?

So changing our plans we needed to move today in order to get  provisions.  We set off this morning, saying our farewells to Brian and Ghost on NB Kyle, and headed initially for Market Bosworth.  It was a seven mile cruise - a walk for the dogs and I - and we moored up thinking to stop for a tea break but decided to call it a day and walk up into the town for lunch and a visit to the little Co-op store instead.

 Leaving the end of the Ashby
 Swing bridge open and waiting for Joe to take Yarwood through
 The Globe Inn, dog friendly and reasonably priced fresh food
The dogs and I walked up and over the Snarestone tunnel and past The Globe Inn, cutting through their car park to access the towpath on the other side of the tunnel.

The dogs and I playing catch-up as Yarwood disappears around a bend
 We set off in full wet weather gear but the rain didn't come to much and the temperatures stayed up so by the time I got to our destination I was gently cooked.

 The dogs and I make better time on bends than 24 ton and 66' of steel bath does

The Ashby Canal has pleasantly wooded stretches to enjoy

 Back through Shackerstone Bridge, over three miles behind us

 The half way marker and we are moored right next to it
Yarwood moored on the Market Bosworth visitor moorings
 After mooring up and having a cup of tea we set out to walk into Town and as we did so we heard the sound of a Russell Newbury engine approaching..
Nb Kyle no less.

Are you mooring or going through? we called
Going on, was the reply from Brian
OK, we are going to the pub for lunch

I have never seen a speedwheel turned that quickly..Nb.Kyle was on air brakes as Brian brought his boat to a rapid stop!
We all walked up into the town and enjoyed a pleasant lunch at The Old Red Lion, dogs welcome yet again.  On the way back we got some groceries from the Co-op and walked back the 3/4 mile to our respective boats calling it a day.

Nb Kyle moored just ahead of Yarwood and Floyd watching for his mate Ghost


  1. Tesco wouldn't deliver to us at a pub because it was a business address!!
    Paul xx

  2. Hi Paul
    There is no rhyme or reason it seems to me. We don't use the Tesco delivery service very often but, Everytime, bar one we have had deliveries at pub addresses!

  3. Very odd - I wonder if maybe a block has been put on the address because of an 'incident' when they tried to deliver? What sort of incident I don't know, but there must be some reason, I suppose. Glad you are enjoying the Ashby. xxx

  4. I have been meaning to comment on this, but I have had so much on lately I haven't had time to get back to it.

    It is difficult to get Tesco into pub car parks for sure, but like you, I always get permission of the pub first before I put the order in.

    This also applies to Marinas or anywhere that you get the 'double star' against an address which means they wont deliver to a business address.

    This is what I do.

    I go to googlemaps and put the little yellow man right by the pub then look around for the nearest house. In your case here by the Globe it is number 4 High Street DE12 7DB. That house is by the entrance to the car park.

    If I was ordering stuff for there I would put in the 'instructions to the driver if it is difficult to find' box.

    NOT THE HOUSE. You are delivering to a boat on the canal by the Globe Inn. Park in Car Park (Permission given by landlord for you) and phone (blar blar phone number) and we will come and collect.

    Not that we collect, we just meet Mr Tesco and suggest he uses his trolly to fetch the stuff to the boat windows!

    It has worked everytime for us when we have had a difficult address.

    1. Thank you Sue. I knew you would know a way around this!


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