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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Things move along in two days

Build day 92-93
Yesterday we went out for the day, therefore no visit to Yarwood, so today we have two days progress to report!
The  first item on the progress agenda, the portholes, mushroom vents, bulleyes and vents were delivered today.  Yippee and sighs of relief all round...but in fairness to Procast, these are the result of a third casting - a new pattern and mould had to been commissioned to get these double glazed ports right.
One of the nine 15.25" portholes

The tug portholes offered up to Yarwood to see the effect

The stern bands primed ready for painting

 Light cream 1" border on the name panel

Bow flair masked ready for painting

Joe and Stuart discussing the new exhaust

Richard has been busy in the back cabin

Soap 'ole and steerers step in place

The little Faversham stove makes it on to the boat

Tomorrow we will be back at the Barnowl in the morning because Dave Moore, the sign writer, will be there to discuss what is going to be done to Yarwood 


  1. How come you haven't gone for traditional engine controls...?

  2. Hi Rob
    The main reason for not having speed wheels etc. is that they restrict headroom in the back cabin and the back cabin will be our bedroom.


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