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Friday, 27 April 2012

An April showers..

An April showers may come your way...,,  and they certainly have, I just hope that those 'roses in May' put in an appearance as claimed...

In the morning, Graham, Jill, Me and the four dogs travelled by car to the village of Alwalton, just a few miles south along the A1.  We parked the car up and walked back along the river to Wansford Station and the moored boats.
The river levels are up though navigation is still open and after lunch just as we approached the end of our 48hr stay on the moorings at Wansford Station we slipped away in sunshine heading just a little downstream to moorings at Alwalton. We slipped away in sunshine, sunglasses on but before we had travelled a couple of hundred yards the wind started gusting and the rain clouds gathered.

Looking downstream from Alwalton lock on our morning visit to the village to 'dump' the car.
The mill stream leading to Castor Mill
An impromptu paddle -- as usual!
Baxter leads Graham over a bridge on our morning walk back to the boats
Sunshine and water meadows and happy romping dogs
Water coming over the lock gates at Water Newton lock

Passing the pollarded willows on the river banks, darkened skies and sunlight foliage
Heading downstream and fighting a strong wind   
Destination reached, moored up on the by water at Alwalton lock
This should make a 'soothing' sound to sleep by..
Two boats, snug as a bug
Once we were safely moored up Jill phoned the Cuckoo Inn in Alwalton village to see if they were 'dog friendly' - they're not - so we took the boys across the lock into the water meadow for another 20 minute romp before leaving them on their respective boats and taking ourselves into the village and a welcome pint of Doombar.
Castor windmill framed by willows with a backdrop of dramatically darkened sky
And here comes another April shower


  1. Big skys.....looks lovely even in the rain, better than my office !

  2. Hi Nev
    Yeah, it beats office life...
    I see you have been checking Halfie's latest acquisition out.
    take care


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