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Thursday 26 April 2012

Lashing Rain

Yesterday morning there was a quick phone call from the Yarwood crew to the MR crew
'How do you feel about staying here today?' it went.. and the answer came   'Too right!'..
We were being lashed by rain and river looked like it should have a beach for the waves to crash on to.   This weather front was forecast to stay all day and as we were on a perfectly good and secure mooring we stayed.

I spent the morning reading my latest book and browsing through some blogs I rarely read; one such blog made my teeth grind a bit and left me awestruck at some people's ready capacity for scoffing at others...  but there you go, there will always be arrogant know-it-all's with too much confidence in their own worth and opinions but I don't have to read their pronouncements ...

In the afternoon Joe went into Oundle with Jill and Graham and I took the dogs out when the rain took a tea break, going out along the Nene Valley Railway line towards Water Newton and returning along the river path.

 Walking along the permissive path by the goods waggons

 Returning back along the river path
 Yarwood and MR sharing a mooring for one..

Yarwood from the steps leading to the railway bridge over the river


  1. Glad you're all moored up safely - Indigo Dream moored in Wallingford - had conversations with R about the length of our lines and strength of our knots given that we've just received "caution stream increasing" warnings for the Thames - oops, that might scupper our weekend cruising plans!

    How typical - always too little or too much water :-)

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    1. Who is baby sitting Lou and Ty this coming weekend then? Is it your turn out with G&A?
      X Lesley

  2. I am an avid reader of narrowboat owner's blogs. I lived in Birmingham for 21 years so have always had an interest in the canals. I now live near to Lichfield so again, Fradley, Penkridge and Tamworth are all places close to me where I can enjoy the canals. I have to agree with you about those who choose to berate others and I now know which blogs to avoid and enjoy the many others. My husband and I talked about either a narrowboat or a motorhome when we retired but unfortunately he developed Alzheimers at the age of 62 so I now follow everyone elses adventures of the canals and rivers and thank you all for giving me so much pleasure. Jay

    1. Hi Jay
      Thank you for sharing that with me and other readers. I hope things are going OK for the both of you under the circumstances, 62, goodness, so young! Keep reading and I hope enjoying...


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