Tuesday, 17 April 2012

One wussy dog and a plank..

When we were moored a Denford I posted about using staging deck as a boat plank.  We had borrowed Graham's ( Nb Matilda Rose) deck and then subsequently bought our own for Yarwood.  The extra width, lightness, strength and 'safe' walking surface are excellent...well excellent for all the crew but Fletcher that is...  So modifications have been made.

Joe has fitted a couple of eye-bolts, one each side, at one end of the plank so we can rope the plank to Yarwood's anser pins or dollies to minimise movement.  The next task was to get some kiln dried silver sand from a builders merchant.

With the decking masked, a coat of raddle red paint is applied and then the kiln dried sand cast on the wet surface.  When dry the surplus sand is brushed off and a top coat of raddle red paint applied.

Here is the plank ready for the final coat of paint.

Fletcher now has a VERY grippy surface and we have a colour co-ordinated plank...bliss


  1. Hi Lesley,
    What a great idea. Where did you purchase the plank?
    Tom & Jan
    nb Waiouru

  2. Hi Tom
    The plank was bought second-hand from a scaffolding supply company. You would probably be able to get similar from a equipment hire company as well I guess..

  3. Hi Ya,
    Your back panels look great,(whole boat does actually) but is there a reason you broke with tradition & put "No.2" surely your a "No.1"?

  4. Hi John
    The no.2 is becauseb Yarwood is our second boat and coincidentitally the boat fitters second tug


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