Wednesday, 11 April 2012

What a plank!

Yesterday morning, after a very noisy night being buffeted by wind and rain, we woke to a glorious sunny spring day.  After breakfast Joe and I and the dogs walked just over a mile across the fields into  Thrapston.   We managed to get a copy of the latest Canal Boat magazine that features Yarwood, buy some fresh bread rolls and post a letter before making enquiries at a local builders merchant about buying an aluminium  'tower staging plank'.   Graham had bought one of these planks some weeks ago and we are currently using it for access to Yarwood - Fletcher is such a wuss on planks and Floyd, though very confident, is a clumsy oaf... splash

The Thrapston Builders Merchant couldn't help us but in the afternoon Joe went into Northampton with Graham and got another off these dog friendly planks for Yarwood.

 Staging plank used normally on a scaffold tower but perfect for that lightweight-wider-dog-friendly- plank.

 Yarwood's conventional wooden plank secured to the bow for access to Nb Matilda Rose.

Drilled for a mooring stake.


  1. A natty plank indeed!

    But my eye was drawn to the green plastic tray (aka the ubiquitous bread tray which can be used in 1001 different ways....) in use as a 'spacer' between the boat and the bank.

    How is it held in place and does it cause any damage to your new paintwork?

    Nb Duxllandyn

    1. Hi Mike
      The tesco tray is wedged between bank and hull, tied to an anser pin with rope and kept afloat with a large fender/buoy. It seems to be doing the trick although it is not the most fetching of accoutrements...


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