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Friday 20 April 2012

Does anybody know...

Does anybody know where we can get a hinged exhaust stack for a narrowboat?   We can get a short (titch) pipe and medium pipe and a 30" exhaust pipe/stack but we cannot find a supplier of tall hinged stacks...
 Chris Smith, chimney maker extroadinaire, doesn't do them and cannot help us so here'e hoping someone in blogland knows a man that knows a man that can!


  1. Hello Lesley,
    The only person I can remember selling these is Tony Redshaw at Braunston. I am not sure if he still does but, if you call him on 01788 899123, he can tell you or possibly suggest someone else who can help.

  2. I'm sure that one of the boats I reviewed a couple of years ago, Revilo, had a hinged exhaust stack. I'll see if I can find the owners number and find out where it came from.

  3. I have a feeling that Tony Redshaw at Braunston has made some, but I think most people get them made up at their local fabricator. Waterways World published plans some years ago which I may or may not have and I have also photoed a few as I was consider making one but think I will stick with lifting it off when required.

  4. Hi Guys,

    hope you are ok down on the river, as to your exhaust stack try Tony Redshaw at braunston, may be pricey though. If I think of any others I'll let you Know


    Paul & Jean


  5. So it's Tony Redshaw then. Thank you everybody, Joe will give Tony a call.


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