Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Going in circles

Yesterday Joe and Graham toddled off by 11.30am to take Graham and Jill's car to Oundle.  The Nb. Matilda Rose crew have recently had to buy a car again because they need ready and speedy access to elderly parents; hence car moving duties. 

A couple of hours later Jill and I and the Mutts went off on another of our circular off-line walks.  We were out for four and a half hours and only got caught towards the end of the trek by a shower of hailstones, the rest of the afternoon was sunny, breezy and absolutely lovely. 

 The view from the top of Church Hill Wadenhoe as we set off.  The object in the foreground is a sundial inscribed, and presumably paid for by, the churches of the neighbouring villages.

 Wild garlic growing under the canopy of deciduous trees in  company with bluebells

 Jill gathering a supply of wild garlic (we both gathered a supply) to be used as an accompaniment to tonight's evening meal.

 We spent over an hour tramping through woodland before skirting the wood and diverting into Sudborough village for a look around and then onwards across country to Lowick.
 Sudborough parish church in the heart of the village, small but perfectly formed...

 Lowick church on the edge of the village, grand and impressive...

At the end of four and a half hours walking a welcome pint of Pedigree in the Kings Head Wadenhoe and a chance for Baxter to rest his chin on the accomodating Floyd..

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