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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Destination, River Wissey

Monday night we had stayed in Ely after our visitors had departed for Essex.  Tuesday we set off in the rain downstream again to rejoin NB. Matilda Rose on the R.Wissey but a 'dickie tummy' on the Helmsman's part meant we made a forced stop at Littleport where we stayed Tuesday night. So yesterday morning we set out again for the R. Wissey, a tributary of the R. Great Ouse.  It was a bit cloudy and breezy but also humid but definitely still T-shirt weather. We punched down the river at 6mph according to the GPS, passing the confluence of the Little Ouse and making good time to our destination.

 Big almost featureless part of the Gt. Ouse

 Approaching the railway bridge that carries the Ely - Kings Lynn line

 That's more like it, the narrow twisting course of the R. Wissey

 Moored on the wonderful GOBA (Great Ouse Boating Association) moorings, MR just ahead of us

The river here is perhaps a metre deep, crystal clear water, alive with fish.  No sooner had Himself dipped a maggot into the stream than he had caught a fish.  I left him to his maggot dangling and took the dogs off for a ramble in the company of Jill and her mutts.  The weather holding, we set up the BBQ late afternoon and enjoyed another meal al fresco and very pleasant it was too! 

Daisy has the chair, it might me Joe's chair but will he dare to remove her???


  1. Do not remove her, she is so comfy & deserves it after her dip in the sea.........!!.
    bless her little cotton socks, what a gorgeous little girl she is. Well done to Matilda rose. (and yourselves of course).

  2. Hi Anon
    You are obviously taken in by Daisy's sweet looks. In truth she is something of a tyrant and nobody is going to mess with her...she kept the chair!

    1. Good on ya Daisy.........
      Oh I'm not taken in with her looks,
      (although she is a beautiful little girl)
      I just know about CAT CLAWS.....
      I would never trust a cat,,,
      them there can do nasty things...
      I just live with three monsters .. bit like Daisy..

      \all the best to all of you..
      keep blogging.... please.


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