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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Passing through

We came back into Ely yesterday lunchtime but their was 'no room at the inn' for Yarwood, boats were three abreast at The Cutter.  We spotted Nb.Matilda Rose breasted with Wb. Avalon and soon after that, Nb. Lucky Duck.  The service point was clear however so we got on there for the water and the usual before slipping out of Ely looking for a mooring close enough for me to walk back into the City with Jack who was due to catch the train back home to Essex.
We moored at Queen Adelaide, a fifty minute walk back to Ely and the rail station but nephew Jack got off OK and the dogs benefited from the round trip.

We are not sure what the weekend holds at the moment but it might include a trip to Lincolnshire to pick up our mail and a visit to our caravan to ready it for our holiday in October.  We have arranged to leave Yarwood with Danny and Natalie at The Little Ouse Moorings for a month so we can go away caravaning and also fit in a visit to Essex for me to see Mother. 
I guess after that we will be heading back to the R. Nene, Northampton and the canals for the winter but in the meantime we still have quite a bit of leisurely exploring to do out here....

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