Friday, 3 August 2012

From here to there, and back..

We left our delightful mooring at the end of the R. Wissey yesterday morning and headed upstream to wind (turn).   The Wissey is narrow, and clear, and relatively deep but it lacks winding holes for 66' boats so of necessity we had to travel some 5 miles to the lake at Wissington  before we could spin Yarwood and Matilda Rose.  
We then headed back again turning on to the Gt. River Ouse and headed for Denver.  Graham has a family funeral to attend tomorrow and Jill and myself have dental appointments in St. Ives so we needed to be somewhere accessible today and tomorrow.   On Saturday, with these commitments behind us, we intend to revisit the Wissey and spend a couple of days exploring before moving on to the next tributary, the R. Little Ouse.

We walked the flood bank into Hilgay but as you can see (above) things were a trifle verdant and a mile's walk took a little longer than anticipated.
A break in the vegetation where GOBA have cut the grass at their second mooring along here
Yarwood approaching Hilgay having come under the bypass road.
Back aboard along with the dogs I took station on the tug deck and enjoyed the cruise.  The water is crystal clear as you can see above.
Our first sight of the Wissington Sugar Beet factory.
Wissington Sugar Beet Factory, built in the heart of sugar beet growing country and looming above the flat landscape of the fens.  It was built in 1925 and was served by a private railway and the river.

A bit of 1925 industrial heritage in the form of the chimneys

And a bit of 2012 industrial building still in construction
We arrived at the lake by the factory just as the heavens opened so a rather bleak and limited view from inside Yarwood... next week the sun will shine and I will get more attractive photo's of Wissington lake.

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