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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Awaiting delivery

I am still at Mother's and today we are awaiting the delivery of this lightweight transit wheel chair.  It is aluminium construction and weighing in at only 7kg and will be a very useful aid for getting Mum out and about.  Mum's walking has become increasingly limited so a visit to look around anywhere is not feasible; this contraption brings that option back into play and gives me the chance to get her out of her four walls when I am visiting.

I spoke to Joe yesterday and it seems he has moved Yarwood north to Hilgay Bridge after a 24 hour stop on shore power at The Swan public house Littleport.  Five wash loads done apparently and the battery bank fully charged...clever boy. 


  1. Sympathies, Lesley. We are dealing with exactly the same situation. Sheena's mum is coping with a 3wheel zimmer (easier to steer and lighter than a 4wheeler). But we understand the stress you both must be under. Regards..

  2. Hi Ken
    Thanknyou. I hope that things come together for you and Sheena and MIL.
    The chair arrived promptly and is ideal for getting Mum out for the day. She can walk....but not far, so going out sightseeing or shopping has become a no, no. This lightweight chair will mean that Myself or my brother can include Mum in trips out again.


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