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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Little Ouse...again

We set off this morning heading north from Queen Adelaide on the R. Gt. Ouse as far as Littleport and the nearest waterpoint.  Here we replenished the water tank and set off again towards the confluence of the River Little Ouse.  We passed Nb. Lord Toulouse  just before we turned into the Little Ouse.

The Ship Inn standing sentinal at the junction of the Little Ouse.
Joe and Brian ( Nb Harnser) sharing a joke

Not far past the Little Ouse Moorings we slowed to shout greetings to Brian and Diana a board Nb.Harnser..there was a few ribald comments from Brian as Joe dipped his engine stack as we passed...
Passing Lakenheath Lode
We were flagged down by the crew of Nb Jay who asked us if we were planning on going to Brandon Lock?  We weren't as it happened but they wanted to let us know that the EA mooring has been taken over by a group of people and there is no mooring to be had? 
Moored up at our destination, the isolated GOBA moorings at Stop Lock.
We couldn't get Yarwood anywhere near the bank but a cruiser crew, two small lads and their Dad, caught our lines and helped us moor..thank you kindly.

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