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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

There and back

Set off yesterday morning at 10am intending to travel up stream on the R. Wissey to Stoke Ferry and the head of the navigation.  Moorings on the R. Wissey are limited but we knew there was a GOBA mooring where we were headed so we could overnight there perhaps?

 Nb. Matilda Rose following us away from Sunday's mooring

MR mooring at Hilgay

 As we approached Hilgay, a mile from our starting point, Jill called to say they were pulling over to get some supplies at the village shop in Hilgay.  A little further along as we passed some super private line moorings in Hilgay we had a shout from a gentleman that said his wife followed the blog so we stopped mid stream to have a shouted conversation with said lady but shame on me, I didn't ask the lady's name...sorry!

 Our blog reader's boat

 Passing over the aqueduct that crosses the relief channel

We arrived in Stoke Ferry and continued to the end of the navigation and the winding point.  Lots of pleasant private moorings and a caravan site line the banks here but a busy road crosses the river inches from the GOBA mooring.

 GOBA mooring at Stoke Ferry

 And the prohibitive notice by the GOBA mooring. Perfectly legitimate but a bit Blackpool Landlady (forgive me Blackpool for the crass stereotype) and therefore not welcoming and not to our taste...we moved on.

It was now head back to Hilgay and the village moorings or return to the GOBA moorings beyond the village...
The GOBA moorings won out.

 Coming back across the lake at Wittington with the British Sugar Factory in front of us

And back where we started..


  1. I can’t quite read the boat name in the picture but it looks like it might be Sunrise – Carol and Mark from Norfolk.

  2. Thank you Paul, it is indeed Sunrise and now I know the lady's name..

  3. Carol and Mark enjoy your blog and the photo of your boat.

  4. If its the Sunrise I think then they are from Suffolk, here in Lowestofy about 4 miles from where we live.
    Did you try the pub in Hillgey, I couldn't work out the opening hours.


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