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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

His job...her job

Today was a day of chores...just little boaty chores that are part and parcel of this way of life and as such are not in the least onerous.

Me..clean the brass

There is considerably more brass than this but whilst I have cleaned the engine exhaust stack you might as well see it in all its 'glory'....

 Folding exhaust stack mark two..

We started with a standard 14" exhaust stack...himself complained about the fumes getting in his face...and lungs
So we ordered a 32" stack and then had the problem of low bridges to contend with.
With a bit of ingenuity, a rummage around the tinternet and a few hours work on his behalf we now have a working folding stack.  The white cord is being replaced with black cord and he has bought some brass fitments to tidy things up but the jobs a good un.

Joe's chores were to clear the weed hatch and...
to modify the boarding plank/staging plank so that it fits under our side hatch doors.

 Mobile workmate, glasses, pencil, tape measure, hack saw and
 look of concentration

 Profile reduced and strengthened so the side doors clear the plank


And while all this was going on...

Fletcher and Floyd spent the whole day swimming and demanding squeaky toys were thrown in the river for them to  retrieve..


  1. Fine plank! I painted all our brass so that scrotes wouldn't nick it, and I'd have more time to sit outside doing nothing. :) but yours looks very nice indeed. Thanks for the pic of the boys amusing themselves. Sumo's banned from having squeaky toys, so I won't tell him. :). Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!!

  2. It's nice when it is polished...
    Floyd and Fletcher think that Sumo has been 'oppressed', What NO squeaky toys at all???

  3. I thought it very impressive the way Joe is now able to salute other boaters as they meet by dipping his exhaust.

    1. Hi Brian
      One, that salute was just for you and two, if I recall correctly you said he was a 'smartarse' which is true and sometimes he is just an arse
      love him


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