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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Saturday thru to Monday

I arrived back from my stay in Essex on Saturday.  Joe had moved Yarwood to Little Thetford, just south of Ely.  The boats were out of The Cam Sailing Club en masse, sailing down stream towards Ely and tacking back...very colourful, very skillful and interesting when they meet up with impatient motor cruisers...just a little bit of shouting and gesticulating going on.

 We stayed at Little Thetford for the weekend..it was Grand Prix weekend after all.. but some chores got completed.
I cleaned the cooker and, yes AND, the fridge and Joe masked up and gave the cabin top another coat of raddle paint before the winter.

 Weed cutter moored on the Old West River
Monday morning we pulled pins and headed south on to the Old West River towards Hermitage lock, destination St. Ives.

 Cutting a swathe through the duck weed
 You see lots and lots of these along the Old West River...usually accompanied by the bull as well!

 Monday nights mooring
We didn't make St. Ives, after five hours we had had enough so moored a mile above the Pike & Eel Pub in the middle of nowhere and it was wonderful.  The dogs swam and I read my book sitting in glorious sunshine.


  1. 5 hours from Lt. Thetford to Pike and Eel? Your were going slow.

    1. 3.8mph or less plus a wait a Hermitage of course... lovely cruising day though!

    2. May I respectfully point out that the only boat to hit the wonderful sailing boats was an impatient Nb, not a cruiser, and it caused the sailors to end up in the reeds on the far bank.

    3. Agreed Anon, the only boat to HIT the sailing boat helmed by three women was a widebeam cruiser deck. The lady on board thought that the 'idiots' in the sailing boats had a 'death wish' and couldn't understand why they were going back and forth across the channel. She had obviously not grasped 'tacking' but there you go.
      However, there were also any number of irritated, impatient cruiser crews crowding the sailors although they didn't manage to hit them thank goodness.


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