Friday, 14 September 2012

St. Neots

Here we are in St. Neots.  We left Brampton Mill on Wednesday morning with three locks to do and a car to move.  Jill and Graham have retained their wheels for now and when we move on so does the car.  
So, after we had got both boats safely through our first lock, I jumped on to Nb.Matilda Rose with Jill and Graham put the bow of the boat into the reeds and nettles on the towpath side of the river to allow us to exit boat and retrieve car.  I frog marched Jill back to where the car was abandoned and while she fiddled with the satnav I drove.  The second lock at Offord Cluny was found without the satnav, Jill was still fiddling - it's technical you see...

This lock only had space for one narra so we were kept busy locking cruisers down and narra's up for best part of an hour! But, once all were safely on their way it was back to the car with all four dogs now joining us and on towards our final lock at St. Neots.  It was going to take an hour for the two boats to travel up river to the lock so I diverted to a nature reserve to give the dogs a stretch before they assumed their lock duties...
We got a bit lost and a bit delayed so we arrived at the lock just as Yarwood was entering...I am not sure but there might have been a glare from Himself  which I ignored, naturally.  We got the boats through and then dashed wandered back to the car and headed into St. Neots where we parked the car and set off to the water point.  This is the water point that has now been switched on again after years of squabbling between the the Town Council and the EA, two years ago when we were here it had been disconnected. We breasted up and filled our respective water tanks to the brim and then having spotted a park side mooring on the opposite bank we pulled across and took up residence for a two day stay.

Yarwood moored up behind MR on the park at St. Neots
This is such a lovely part of the world and St. Neots is a great place to stay and explore providing just enough in the way of civic amenity and plenty of lovely dog walking as well.

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