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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Monday, Monday..

A wet Monday morning in Ely after a very wet and extremely windy night.   We were on the move at 8am ( almost unheard of these days) and heading for the service point.  The cunning plan was to fill Yarwood's water tank in readiness for a mammoth laundry session on shore power at  The Swan Littleport.
 A damp and misty morning in Ely
Ely service point and half a tank of water required please..
Once watered I saw Joe and Yarwood off and then walked back through the town with the dogs to retrieve our car.  It was then a case of driving to Littleport and awaiting the arrival of husband and home.  As soon as Yarwood was secured Joe went to find someone in the pub to pay for our mooring and hook-up, but, yes but, the pub is closed and in the process of transferring to new owners so NO hook-up.   The best laid plans etc.
So instead on laundry, Joe changed the oil in the main engine, we then got out the winter wardrobe from below the engine room floor and packed away our summer kit.
Today Joe has driven off to collect our caravan from it's storage site and drag it to my brother David's place in Norfolk ahead of next week's holiday.  The generator is running below the tug deck, I am up to my armpits in doing laundry, the dogs are slobbing in their pits and the sun has come out to play...

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