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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Comfortably Moored

We pulled pins this morning at 10am and I saw Joe off with Yarwood before I went and retrieved our car and headed off towards Brandon Creek and The Little Ouse Moorings.   We have arranged to leave Yarwood here whilst we go off to Norfolk on holiday ( I know, our life is one big holiday already...) in our caravan.   I met Natalie and Danny, the proprietors, and was given a security key for the water taps, car park and Elsan disposal point and Natalie showed me where they wanted Yarwood moored up. 
I also managed to secure myself half a dozen of Natalie's lovely free range eggs...well her chickens free range eggs to be more precise.

 Yarwood on her temporary mooring
After I had sorted us a hasty lunch and watched the BBC lunchtime News I took the dogs for a roam along the flood bank towards Little Ouse, the village or Little Ouse, the hamlet; all of about four houses and a litter bin.  There is a bridge at this point so I was able to cross the river and head back the way I had come along the opposite bank.
 Gathering in the straw..a view from the flood bank across the low lying fenland.
 The RIVER Little Ouse
 Little Ouse ( The village/hamlet) bridge
 Walking back along the other bank
Yarwood's home for the next few weeks

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