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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Take a walk

Yesterday after breakfast Joe took himself off to Ely Rail station to get the 9.51 to Peterborough, his mission, to retrieve our car from storage.  I had a more leisurely start to the day and then took a walk up into Ely for a newspaper and a wee wander in the sunshine.
After lunch the dogs and I walked along the flood bank towards Little Thetford before turning west into farmland and making our way back towards Ely.
The hedgerows are festooned with hawberry, rosehip and elderberry, a well stocked larder for the birds this coming winter.

I did this walk earlier in the year with Sue (Nb. No Problem) and her dog Meg and here I am again, still enjoying this part of the world and the No Problem crew is now on The Staffs and Worcs canal.

We passed a farmer out bailing his hay crop in the sunshine and probably eager to get it all in before the rain that is forecast for the next few days..  Mechanisation means that one or two men (or women to be correct) are able to run a farm that would have required a dozen when my Grandfather was a lad. 

All gathered in...bar the shouting 


  1. Weeing in the sunshine again - I just can't leave you on your own for 5 minutes

  2. It beats weeing in the rain Dear...


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