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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Onward to Great Barford

Our two days were up so it was time to pull pins and leave St. Neots this morning.  Before taking our leave though we revisited the water supply and topped up our tank - the washing machine had been busy consuming our supply so with everything laundered yet again, including smelly dog bedding, we needed a quick replenishment.
The plan today was for me to travel to our first lock at Eaton Socon and help work the two boats through the lock before I walked back into St. Neots and retrieved MR's car.  I wasted a bit of time locating the car - note to self, listen to Graham when he tells you where he has parked the car - but having found it  I drove to our up stream destination at Great Barford where I hung around and awaited the arrival of husband and home.

Great Barford lock was set in our favour and remained so for 45 of the 50 minutes I waited for Joe.  Five minutes before Yarwood's bow hove into view four kayaks turned up and wanted to go downstream.  The fellow working the lock didn't seem to know what he was doing and he was equipped with a pair of mole grips rather than a windlass... so in the interests of ME I set to to assist managing to fill the lock, get them in and start emptying it again just as Himself arrived. Anyway our kayakers paddled off quite happily but I understand that the MR crew were called upon to assist them again when their dog ( kayakers dog that is)  managed to capsize one of the kayaks.  Rather them than me.
Once through the lock we got moored up on the Goba moorings, steep bank and planks required but it should quite nicely for the next few days.
 The view from the lock bridge looking towards Gt. Barford road bridge
 The Anchor Inn near our mooring
With lunch prepared, and consumed, Jill and I and the four mutts went off for a walk along the river towards Willington.
 Jill grimacing at the camera
 Watering the brassicas and creating a rainbow

The bird collection at the Danish Camp
Tonights mooring at Great Barford

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